Dear Valued Shoppers at Shadmart! As a company, we are upgrading our service every day. We have been working on reducing the Delivery time for last 6 months. We have actually started to implement fast shipping service since last one month, and we can already see some customers gave us to review that they received their products in 12 days. Here is the screenshot:

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The measures we have taken:

1) We have developed a brand new Logistic Software for our Bangladesh Warehouse, where 80% work is automated, which has significantly lowered our processing time when the goods arrived in Bangladesh.
2) We have partnered with some good logistics company who can provide local delivery in a more short span of time.

Terms and Conditions for Fast Shipping Service:

1) 100% upfront payment.
If you make 100% upfront payment, in that case, our finance team don’t have to recalculate your due amount when goods arrive in Bangladesh and our Logistic Team don’t have to give you a delivery call to confirm whether you are ready to pay the due amount and receive the products. This two process can save at least 3 days of delivery time.

2) The goods you are purchasing should have at least 500+ monthly sales.

If a good has more sales, which means those suppliers are more active and usually they ship the products faster to our China warehouse.3) Applicable to “Inside Dhaka Delivery” only.

4) Clothes or any other products which need size information will be delivered in Normal shipping time which is 12-25days.

5) Fast Shipping Service is valid until further announcements.

Pro tips so that you can get it faster:

1) Please be sure regarding size and colour you want to order. If you change product specification after placing order, it will delay in shipping.
2) Put your Mobile number and shipping information correctly.

We hope you will cooperate with us and we can assure you to provide faster and smoother service than before.

Happy Shopping!