We all love to live in a place which is clean and tidy and we love our home more than any other places in the world. Therefore we decided to let you know the most necessary products our customer purchases for easy life.

Moist Absorbing Box – tk.803 (9pcs)

Put this in your bathroom to get rid of that “musty” smell!

Food Blender tk.1,443tk.1,643

This is perfect for your basic needs at home. It is less noisy and easier to clean.

Drawer Liner tk.306tk.326

Using drawer liner helps protect your cabinets from moisture. It also prevents scratch. You can also keep small items in the right place.

Window Glass Cleaner tk.255

Clean window looks good to eyes.

Floor Wiping Shoes tk.277

Most recommended product specially for the newbies. You wander the house and think about dust then why don’t you clean it while doing so? It’s so easy to wash both pieces individually, and they dry quickly.

Living Room Carpet tk.628tk.2,911

Cheap yet they make the room homey!

Decorative Blankets tk.3,916

Add a little bit of tone to your bed and feel cozy. Choose varieties designs from this Nordic knitted blankets.

Baby High Chair tk.1,443tk.2,042

You don’t have worry about your baby while you sit with other family members in the dining table because because your little pumpkin can be with you.

Cast Iron Pan tk.4,9265,990

This enamel coated Dutch Oven is perfect for cooking meat, rice, etc. It heats up late but the temperature is even. A must have for all cooking lovers.

Food Thermometer

This will help you to cook the perfect recipes as you will have the option to monitor the temperature.

Thick Sofa Cushions/Pillows tk.525tk.1,383

These cushions are awesome. Replace old cushions on the back of your couch, and also use to decorate your guest bedroom. They look cute, and they’re soft and comfortable.