This is our weekly series post where we introduce to you with the cheapest, coolest and craziest products available in our website which may make make you interested to give a look at.

Water tornado maker tk.166

This little girl’s face is no exaggeration; this is exactly how you and your child will look when you make your own mother flippin’ tornado.

Chinese Gua Sha Scraper tk.654

Practice one of the most popular Chinese Gua Sha treatment which help to purify your blood and its flow by scrapping the skin at different parts of the body.

Mini Storage Pod tk. 384

This cute lil pod is perfect for storing your headphone or any small object that you want to keep organized and all in one place. Click here for more headphone storage.

Pet food bowl

Bring back your pet’s killer instincts by making them hunt for their food, instead of growling at you angrily until they get fed.

Enter pillow – diffuse your anger – tk.765

No need to bang the enter key hard when you are feeling angry or upset. Take a nap on the pillow or smash it to diffuse your anger. cheers!

LED Glowing Shoes

You won’t need to know dancing. Just wear it and let these shoes rock the floor for you.

Self Digital Ear Endoscope – tk.1,423 to tk.5,214

And you thought sticking a q-tip in your ear was satisfying! Try this one out for size.

Bamboo Pipe for smoking – tk.2,891

It is promoted as a”healthier” alternative since it has got a”filter”. We are sold!

Ocandy Bottomless high heel Sandal

Does your ex keep telling you that you don’t have a soul? Pick up some sole-less shoes to complete the package.