Looking stylish is everyone’s wish, irrespective of gender or age. The easiest way to look classy and stylish is by picking the right kind of fashion accessories. One accessory that can uplift a dull and boring look is definitely the sunglasses. Glasses have the ability to add a flattering appeal to your whole look. But that does not mean that you can wear any glasses that you like. Shades that do not go with your face shape can easily set off your killer looks. Don’t let that happen to you and read on our style guide.

Sunglasses and Face Shapes

You can’t wear any other shades available in stores. For best results, it is imperative to pick the sunglasses according to your face shape. Scroll down to get guidance for picking the right shades for you. The most common face shapes include—round, heart, oval, square and oblong.

1.Glasses for Round Face

Round face has fuller cheekbones, narrower jaws and forehead. Rectangular and wide frames are best suited for such face shapes. Avoid colored lenses and round frames; they tend to give a fuller look to already round face.

2.Glasses for Heart Face

A heart shape face has narrow chin, wider cheekbones and forehead. We recommend round and cat eye frames for this face type. What is not suitable for you is an overly embellished pair of sunglasses. No matter how much attractive you find them, stay away!!

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3.Glasses for Oval Face

An oval face is more about balance as it has balanced cheekbones, jaws and forehead. Oval faced people are the luckiest as they can try any type of shades they like. But slightly angular shades are the most flattering eyewear for them.


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4.Glasses for Square Face

Square jaw line and broad forehead make a square shaped face. A square face gives you a tougher look; so, you need shades that add balance to that toughness. Best frames for square faces are; oval (oversized one), cat eye frames and round ones. They all tend to soften the square jaw line. Avoid wearing dramatically sharp and geometric shaped sunglasses.


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5.Glasses for Oblong Face

An oblong face is unusually long with narrow cheeks and chin. Girls with this face shape should opt for oversized glasses. Large sized glasses are the best way to hide some part of their long face. We do not recommend narrow and small-sized frames for oblong faces. Instead of help, smaller frames would add more to your face’s length.


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