Loafers are the trendiest footwear in the category of a casual wear. People of all ages and gender love to wear them. Looking back at the history of loafers, they were invented in 1930 in Norway. In the beginning, these were known as ‘Aurland moccasin’. But later on, they got popular by the name of loafers. Wearing them is a bit tricky and requires you to follow certain rules. Before you wear one, read on our definitive fashion guide to master the art of wearing loafers.

Top Rules for Wearing Loafers

To get the most updated style with loafers, follow the fashion rules given below.


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1.Accurately Sized Trousers

Loafer can simply upgrade your outlook and style. The first and foremost thing is to make sure that the trousers you are pairing it with are of the accurate length and tapered near the ankle. Simply doing that can transform your whole look.

2.To Sock or Not to Sock

It is a debate we have been hearing since long. For loafer, views are divided in two main groups. Some advocate the use of socks while some prefer wearing them sockless. Both ways are acceptable, if you follow certain steps. Following a sockless look, make certain that your trousers are hitting close to the ankle. Trousers sagging over the shoes give the weirdest look ever. If you want to try them with socks, remember, your socks should be matched with your trousers.

3.Brown Loafers with Jeans

Classiest of all, penny loafers are the best option to pair with a denim. As far as colors are concerned, try shades of brown with jeans.

4.Black Loafers

I just love suede brown loafer but that does not mean I don’t like the black ones. For a polished look this season, pair your black moccasin with bomber jackets and distressed jeans.


5.A Summery Look!

Loafers are trendy, irrespective of season. They look promising with chino shorts in summer. Just make sure the they are brown and sockless.


6.Variety of Styles

Besides black and brown, for a more carefree look, try colored and printed loafer shoes. They look best with denim.

7.A Smell-free Experience

The only con that people often complain about leather loafer is excess sweating, leading to a smelly feet and shoes. Donning a sockless look is the main reason; as socks are the best protectors against sweating. For such cases, we recommend wearing invisible socks. A single solution for all such problems.

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