If I would have to name winter, I would call it ‘leather weather’. Leather is the most versatile and timeless piece of clothing. It has been around since decades and it is here to stay. Though expensive but leather is a material that lasts longer—the more you wear it, the better it looks. So, you will never regret investing on it, especially when all the famous brands are bringing more variety and innovation in its style each year.

Most Common Types of Leather Jackets

A jacket is a simple winter staple that helps in uplifting a dull and boring look. And the style gets unmatchable, when it is a leather jacket. Read on to find the most trendsetting leather jackets reigning men’s fashion world today.

Biker’s Jacket

Biker’s jacket is a rugged essential for men. It is commonly associated with bikers. This cropped style jacket is also known as ‘perfecto’. It normally has an asymmetrical design and stud detailing. Zips and pockets are formed in an edgy style. Do not wear something big underneath it. The closer it is to your body, the better look you will get. As far as your lower body part is concerned, smarten it up with slimming jeans.

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The Bomber Jacket

Unleash your inner rock star with bomber leather jacket. Simply shaped, it normally has one zip in the center. Pair it with a tee and slim-fit denim and there you go! It can go from office to after hours with ease. Though simple in itself, but it can add style to a plain outfit.

leather jackets

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Field Jacket

Yet another graceful piece of leather, field jackets are longer in length (touching the ass). Belted waist and multiple large sized pockets give them a trendsetting style. Field jackets look good in brown.

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Try a Twist of Color

We know that black is the classiest color for leather. But trying something different is always acceptable. Wanna try a new look, try a brownish shade in leather.

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Leather Jacket on a Budget

Leather jackets are expensive and cannot be afforded by everyone. If you are looking for a leather jacket on a budget, try faux jacket with leather detailing on the sleeves, shoulders or any other part of it.

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