Phone and Tab Holder

Everyone loves to stare at their mobile phones and tabs all day these days. At least when you are at home do it in comfort. Your phone or tab on this holder will look even better when you are not using them. Check out more gadget holders.

Cotton Bedsheet

There are few things in life better than sinking into a bed with nice freshly fitted sheets. Do yourself a favour and start sleeping in comfort.

Cohiba cigar box-Handmade

Increase the status of your bedroom with this handmade Cigar box.

Long Pillow for Lovers

This ultra-comfortable 1.5-meter long memory foam pillow doesn’t allow your head from slipping and lets you enjoy a beautiful moment with your lover.

Ifkoo Bluetooth Speaker

Give your bedroom some proper sound with this mini stereo system by Ifkoo. Features touchpad controls, built-in mic for calls, multi-directional sound, and a six-hour battery life for when you take it with you.

Ceramic Vase

Add some calming serenity to your room with these lovely Nordic-style ceramic vase.

SK Bladeless Fan

Did you know that bladeless fans actually do have blades? Yep. They’re just hidden in the base – the air is sucked up like a vacuum and then pushed outward. Regardless, they’re super cool.